Per Pupil Funding Reduction

By Jenny House Ph. D.

 Today’s news focuses on the report released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau.  It reveals that U.S. public-education spending per student fell in 2011 for the first time in more than three decades.


The average amount across the 50 states and DC averaged $10,560 per pupil in FY11.  That was down .04% from 2010, the first drop since 1977.


The Washington Post reported that “Overall, the nation’s pre-kindergarten-through-12th grade schools spent $595.1 billion on about 48 million students in 2011, with $522.1 billion going toward daily operating expenses, the data show. That was a decline of 1.1% from 2010, the second year in a row that total spending dropped.”


The range was from New York that spent $19,076 per student to Utah who spent $6,212.


As with any report like this, there are dichotomies.  In this one, 30 states actually showed increases with New Hampshire at the top with a 6.8% increase. 20 states spent less with Illinois reducing its spending the most by 7.4%.


So what does this mean to you?


Many of you are doing your business planning right now.  The report cited in this article today would be great for you to target specific states with the most discretionary money being used for purchases.


States with increases are obvious targets.  Figure that they were spending more even before this recent surge in our economy. So download the report.  It will be a great resource for your business and sales planning.