Our custom consulting service is your strategic partner, in understanding the education funding complexities and how they will impact your business. We give you customized actionable insights on the latest trends in educational funding. Our expertise can solve the challenges that come with the changes in federal funding programs, such as the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) or we can explain state funding initiatives as they make their own unique policy and funding decisions.

  • We build a strategic relationship to help inform your business direction and fuel your company’s growth. We work closely with your leadership team to align resources, product development, marketing and sales plans to funding opportunities.
  • We consult with your team to ensure your solutions will qualify for purchases using the maximum number of available education funds. Our consulting services analyze federal, state, local and private funding sources.
  • We assist you in building sales skills with actionable insights and tools customized for your product or category and build funding readiness for sales teams via webinars and sales tools.
  • We deliver workshops to ensure your messaging and customer communications, conferences and social networking sites are aligned to funding opportunities.


“The main thing is when we talk to people… if they say they like the product and they’d love to buy it, but they don’t have any money, we can say, ‘Yes, you do.’ That’s the biggest objection we get… that (customers) don’t know how to pay for (our products).

I think these (Funding Guides) are the clearest, most practical tools that we’ve got. You couldn’t have been more transparent and direct.”
Michael Ross, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Education at Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.



Customized Offerings include:

Funding Alignments, Funding Audits and Funding Webinars

A Few of Our Valued Customers: