Another Round of SIG Awards

By Jenny House Ph. D.

Today’s news announces the award winners of School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds for continuation of grants.  25 states received funds to continue the awards for the second or third year of their terms.  Remember, SIG grants are awards given for three years to turnaround failing schools.


A SIG award ranges from $500,000 to $2M per year per school for three years.  The site reports that the average amount spent by a site per year is $1.35M.  Even though the award is for three years, the U.S. Department of Education must give the continuation funds which they do if they see evidence of improvement from the reforms being implemented.


There were also grants given for new schools in 10 states.  These are schools that have needed support to turnaround their programs but needed fiscal support as well.


So what does this mean to you?


SIG is part of the Title I funding sources to help students and schools at risk where no improvement is being made.  To make these reforms, schools need to choose new instructional programs, provide immersive professional development on effective strategies to improve teaching and learning, and install a high quality technology infrastructure to enable 21st century teaching and learning.


All of those goals mean potential opportunities for each of your companies.  So you need to read the article about these new awards, which lists the states and their corresponding winning amounts.  Then you need to go to the state sites that are of interest to you and look for the list of SIG schools already in place.  Those are the ones that will be getting some portion of these new awards to continue their programs.  That will help you develop your marketing and sales targets.