“When I was an Educator I was always looking for ways to buy products that, bottom-line, would improve student achievement. I had money for core products but I wanted to enhance learning in my district to get children to that “AHH-HA” moment. I learned that understanding the funding landscape was the key to maximizing my dollars and impacting students.

After leaving my district role, I had many former colleagues contact me for my funding knowledge, and I found K-12 companies valued the same information to help sell their products to schools.

As a result, I began to share my funding knowledge as a consultant to companies that wanted to utilize funding data for marketing, sales, product development and investment purposes. As more and more companies sought my expertise, I contracted with grant and funding experts from our industry’s top organizations and state departments and built the RedRock Team.

Eventually the recession hit and companies urgently needed funding information. Funding information moved from a “nice to have” to a critical, “must have”. The state and federal funding arenas grew more complex, with changes happening every day – it was no longer predictable or easily understandable.

With the growing needs of our clients in mind, we had to make the information about the funds, amounts available, restrictions and the timelines very accessible and our expertise scalable. Today, over a decade later, we continue to provide custom consulting solutions that are essential to today’s complex funding landscape.”
Dr. Jennifer House, Ph.D., Founder