Chuck House
Chuck has extensive business experience, having led Fortune 100 companies in such roles as CEO, CTO, and vice president of research and development. He currently acts as chancellor for a four-year, digital-arts-related college and serves as director at numerous technology companies. He advises RedRock Reports on its business and technology strategies.
Jeanne Hayes
Jeanne is an expert in building databases, analyzing market trends, and helping clients market to schools. She founded Quality Education Data (QED) in 1981, 10 years later established a marketing research division, and later still facilitated the company’s sale to Scholastic. As president of The Hayes Connection, she consults on the education market with companies of all sizes. She advises RedRock Reports on company growth and business direction.
Linda Roberts, Ed.D.
Linda is a national leader in education technology, having directed the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology from its inception in 1993 until 2001. She continues to advance the effective use of technology in education by advising companies, foundations, and government agencies. In her most recent role for the Obama Administration, she is senior adviser to the National Education Technology Plan. She advises RedRock Reports on education policy, partnerships, and national funding trends.
Susan Harman
Ms. Harman has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry as an entrepreneur and executive, a consultant, an investment banker and an investor. Currently she serves as VP of Business Development and CFO at Aeris Communications, Inc, a leading provider of wireless data services for M2M solutions. Prior to Aeris, Ms. Harman served as president of MicroEdge, Inc., a subsidiary of Advent Software.  She also served as founding COO of Curriki, a non-profit organization providing open source curriculum, and founding COO of Bigchalk, an online educational resource provider.  Ms. Harman was co-founder and president of Core Learning, a private investment fund focused on educational technology.  She was a Managing Director of Robertson, Stephens & Co. early in her career and managed over 100 private and public offerings for technology companies.